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Updated Jan 10, 2023 • 2 min read

Undoubtedly, London is one of the most important startup ecosystems in the world and it’s growing fast.

More and more young companies decide to move to London whose market is also very diversified. If you are still unsure which are the hottest London meetups, incubators and communities, want to learn about how to face the challenge of talent drain or simply seek for some inspiration, London Startup Guide by Netguru is for you. Download now!

London Startup Guide by Netguru

This ebook will help you understand London’s role in today’s technology industry. We will try to make a case that running a startup there is one of the best choices you could make. You will also learn some rules of doing business in the UK. To top it all, you will be served a handsome portion of inspiration: the rankings of the most successful and promising London startups and influencers.

  • Learn what rules to follow while doing ecommerce in the UK
  • Find the most interesting tech business events
  • Explore the best communities, meetups and incubators
  • Learn to avoid talent drain in top tech locality
  • Get to know the most inspiring London startup influencers
  • Discover the most promising and successful startups

Brexit vs. London startups - who will win?

Of course, no one can be sure what impact will UK’s leaving the European Union have on the technology industry, but we try to stay positive. Brexit cannot just wipe London’s multicultural background. We believe that for the majority of startups, Brexit will cause a brief period of uncertainty at most. The UK will most likely negotiate the access to the EU’s free market. What’s more, English will long remain the global language, which means that London will remain a cultural and business bridge between the U.S. and Europe, regardless of UK’s administrative relationship with the EU.

So don't worry and keep on changing the world. Hopefully our London Startup Guide will help you achieve your goals in this incredible but fast-moving tech locality.

Photo of Ola Prejs

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