Ruby Brief #42 - Phoenix, Webpack, AWS and Security

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Patryk Kalinowski

Mar 8, 2017 • 5 min read

Welcome to 42nd Ruby Brief! We’ve made some improvements, and from now on, you can also read us on our website with RSS support.

Phoenix Framework: Request-Response Life Cycle

The third instalment of Bartosz Łęcki’s Phoenix series shows us the secrets of routing and HTTP requests. Bartosz explains the ins and outs of HTTP request and response cycle in nine simple steps with code examples. Read more.

Ruby Conf AU 2017 - Presentations

The Ruby Conference in Melbourne, Australia took place on February 9-10th. Recorded presentations are available now on YouTube – the topics include HTTP2, VR, i18n and others. Watch more.

Replacing the Asset Pipeline with Webpack 2 in Rails

Using Webpack might be what you need if you work with ES6 and JS frameworks on top of Rails. Kris Quigley wrote an extensive tutorial on how to prepare your Rails app and implement Webpack into your workflow. Read more.

Turbolinks' Lifecycle Explained

Yet another lifecycle topic – this time it’s Turbolinks. Artur Roszczyk published a visually appealing report on Turbolinks callbacks, which “explains how to hook to the Turbolinks’ callbacks and properly detect when a page is being shown to the user and when it is being hidden.” Read more.

Security 101 for SaaS Startups

Interesting checklists for every one of you who either works in a startup or owns one. It’s broken down into phases and includes checklists for tiny startups up to TechCrunch stars. You will find not only technical advice, but also tips on threat modelling, managing people and physical security. Definitely worth a read! Check it out.

So AWS Went Down. Here’s How You Can be Prepared If It Happens Again

The recent AWS crash caused a bigripple across the Web, taking down half of the world’s Internet for few hours. If you use AWS in your app, you will have experienced the dangers of infamous vendor lock-in. It does not have to be that bad, though – with the tips from Rafał WIliński you will not fear any crashes anymore. Read more.

How Being a Linguist Helped Me Rock in Web Development

There are many people who became web developers coming from different careers, sometimes having nothing to do with IT or even modern technologies. Maciej Czuchnowski was a linguist and now works as a Ruby developer at Netguru. How do his old skills help him create good software? Read more.

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