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Tracing Patterns that Might Hinder Performance

There is a pretty good chance you will encounter at least one unresponsive app or a slowly loading web page today. It’s 2017 already, and we want to do everything more quickly, yet we still experience annoying delays. How is that possible? Doesn’t our Internet connection improve every year? Doesn’t our browser perform better day by day? In this article, we will cover the latter.
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8 Reasons Why Your Web App is Slow

Speed is one of the most important things when it comes to conversion, retention and user experience in mobile apps. According to a report by Aberdeen Group, a 1-second delay in page load time equals 11 percent fewer page views, a 16-percent decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7-percent loss in conversion rate. Moreover, according to, an increase in page response time from 2 to 10 seconds increased page abandonment rates by 38 percent. The stats are ruthless. Because of the long loading times, you can start losing your money. Whether it concerns you, or you want to raise this issue with your developer team or consulting partners, this article will help you spot the problems related to web app speed.
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