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If you are an entrepreneur or you want to build a digital product, you’re probably looking to expand your knowledge about security practices in application development.
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Mobile app security issue Nowadays, with the growing popularity of smartphones, almost everybody uses mobile applications, but hardly anyone thinks of their security while using them. At the same time, when developing a system everyone's focusing on the back-end security, but rarely on securing mobile apps. We just take security for granted, relying on the back-end, where there may be vulnerabilities as well.
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Do you think your app is safe enough? Nothing could be further from the truth! Nowadays we are surrounded by mobile applications which influence almost every aspect of our everyday life. Due to the fact that mobile apps also touch some sensitive parts of our lives, namely: banking, shopping, medical care, contacts, etc., developers put huge efforts into expanding their security. App creators implement more and more advanced data protection mechanisms, but do they really remember about  securing less obvious elements that take part in data processing? In this article we would like you to show how to avoid data leaks related to these elements based on Android OS.
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The major benefit of Saas Solutions for clients being that they don’t have to invest in hardware on their premises and have the opportunity to outsource their IT needs and responsibilities.
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