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Project Manager

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About this job

Project Manager is a bridge and facilitator between our partners, clients and dev team. Your role is to manage communication and the whole process of building the apps themselves. At Netguru we’ve successfully delivered over 160 projects for clients all around the globe. If you want to help us with the next hundred - join the team of 19+ Project Managers to work in a friendly and productive atmosphere.

Tools we use


Technology is not only the core of our job but also helps us to plan, organize and evaluate projects. These are tools and methodologies which we use:

  • Jira as an Issue Tracking Tool,
  • Confluence as a Knowledge Repository,
  • Agile as a Project Management Methodology,
  • Google Docs for PM Review and After Action Review,
  • Trello for planning your daily tasks,
  • Toggl as a time tracking system,
  • GitHub for monitoring daily progress,
  • Slack for communication.

Potential tasks

As a PM you will be in at the frontline of communication with clients and within project teams. You will be managing 2-5 projects simultaneously. Your task will be to coordinate, support and motivate teams consisting of Front-end and Back-end developers, Product Designers and Quality Assurance Specialists. You will be responsible for processes that will allow you to streamline your project management: after-action reviews, interaction retrospectives and scoping sessions. You will be updating the current processes and creating new ones, because we are continuously evolving (hopefully, together with you).
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