Building an Accountancy, Taxation, and Invoicing Platform for SMEs

A web and mobile accounting tool for small and medium organisations
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The client wanted to build an accountancy, taxation and invoicing platform for middle and small enterprises in Germany, ones that do not employ accountants internally.


The application connects invoices management (incoming and outgoing), revenues calculations, and suppliers/clients contact management. It also enables financial operations within the app and supports tax returns.

  • Building highly usable software that supports small and midsize companies in fulfilling their accounting and tax duties.
  • Creating a fully reliable app from scratch while, keeping German taxation laws, external services integrations and a strict project schedule in mind.
  • Combining a number of important functionalities within a clear and cohesive design.


A team was created, including senior backend developers, front-end developers, Ruby on Rails consulting specialists, iOS developers, Android developers, a designer, a QA specialist and a project manager. Everything had to be built from scratch, including all designs.

  • Ruby on Rails was used on the back-end for ease of development, while React was used on the front-end, as it is well-suited for the app’s dynamic interface.
  • Some of the technologies and processes used for the project were: external API integrations, full back-end and front-end development, product and graphic designs, responsiveness design, as well as native iOS and Android solutions.
  • CSS Modules were used to boost developers’ productivity by preventing conflicts between styles (which is a common problem among CSS-only preprocessor projects).


The application we built is an all-in-one accounting tool for small and medium enterprises that don't have their own accountants. It includes all the features necessary to fully manage the accounting side of running a business.

  • The project was completed successfully within tight timeframes. The client was satisfied with the results.
  • The core development process lasted about 6 months. Within that time, we managed to deliver all the features needed for the app.
  • Our MVP (minimum viable product) application was fully functional upon completion and offered real business value to final customers.

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