Shaping a Next-Generation Job Platform for Luxury Hospitality

Finding a job in hospitality made easy
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Barometa's founder came up with an idea for a next generation job platform for career-oriented people in luxury hospitality.

In looking for a technology partner, he chose Netguru.


  • Solving the inefficiency problem of existing online job boards and LinkedIn.
  • Adjusting the project to a limited budget and a strict schedule.
  • Meeting the 14-day deadline to create the prototype, allowing Barometa's team to look for investors.


Being limited to a couple of weeks and scarce resources, the Netguru team needed to rely on their expertise and engagement to build the prototype on time.

  • Translating the founder's product vision into functional objectives.
  • Identifying the flaws of LinkedIn's model and UX design.
  • Consistent execution of the plan developed during the scoping session.


The project was finished three days behind schedule, but the platform could be shown to potential investors. An elite development team working on the project was a helpful argument in funding negotiations.

  • Launching an MVP in just a few months.
  • Intuitive UX and impressive graphic design.
  • Netguru now served as a strategic tech partner for the project.


  • 15 years of market experience
  • 90% CVs usually wasted by recruiters
  • 14 days Deadline for the prototype
  • 1 very successful scoping session
  • It was great to find out during the scoping session that the Netguru team and I are on the same page. We came up with a plan to build a prototype in just a few weeks. This efficiency makes it possible for me to tweak the model once we get feedback from the first users.

    Rupert Sellers

    Managing Director at Barometa Talent

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