Redesigning a Legal Practice Management Platform app interface

Case.One is an easily customised solution that enables the comprehensive management of legal practice.


Faced with fierce competition and a relatively saturated market, one of Case.One's main challenges was to stand out visually from the crowd.

  • Matching the corporate identity of the brand and the vision of the team.
  • Fitting Case.One's complex landing page schema.
  • Visually standing out from competitors while remaining user-friendly.


Case.One had to redesign their website in a way that would fulfil market requirements. Netguru’s Product Design team worked intensively on creating a fully original design, customised for the industry.

  • Comprehensive industry research based on the client’s basic outlines.
  • The creation of a modern and elegant design concept based on the client’s initial wireframes.
  • The creation of 10 concise, isometric illustrations for each landing page.


After finishing the redesign, the platform was successfully updated and continues to grow. The client focuses on developing the business. The designs for the project have received international attention.

  • Case.One’s new graphic layout was built within an ambitious time frame.
  • Case.One’s design concept and illustrations have been featured on Dribbble’s Hot Shots.
  • Case.One is one of the most popular projects in Netguru’s Dribbble and Behance communities, viewed by more than 18K users.


  • 13,013 monthly visits
  • 4 project members
  • 272h to finish project
  • 18k+ Behance community views

Netguru was the right fit, their feel is very similar to ours and how we do things internally.
Bahar Ansari

Bahar Ansari


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