Mobile Development Services for a Healthcare App

Developing an app capable of improving treatments for people with chronic respiratory diseases.
Kata Mobile development services for a healthcare app

About this project

VisionHealth is a German startup. The client wanted to develop the Kata app to improve inhalation treatments and to establish partnerships with medical facilities. The role of Netguru was to provide mobile development services using React Native. The client received a working product and can now pursue further growth opportunities.


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VisionHealth develops and implements innovative digital healthcare solutions.

The company supports patients with chronic lung diseases who are dependent on their inhalers. VisionHealth has a mission to help patients suffering chronic respiratory diseases live healthier by using digital services.

VisionHealth wanted to develop an app to show users how to inhale correctly in an easily understandable way. The app reminds users when to inhale, then provides data reports on the success of inhalation by documenting user behavior.

According to the company, the app has the potential to support an estimated 250 million patients across the world. The need for this app has also been highlighted by the illness of patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases that have been compounded by COVID-19.

Amid this landscape, the company’s research revealed that as many as 90% of patients do not perform their prescribed inhalation treatments correctly.

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Client’s challenges

VisionHealth wanted to develop a new app to improve treatments for those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases and for use in clinical trials with external partners.

The company not only wanted the app to help treat patients but also create partnerships with medical facilities where the new technology could be used to support inhalation therapy associated with lung diseases.

By establishing then maintaining relationships with medical providers, VisionHealth aimed to set up a new revenue stream for the company and diversify its current business model.

Client’s expectations

  • The client expected to receive an app capable of effectively supporting patients in both commercial and clinical environments.
  • Having a top-quality working product was necessary for the client to establish effective partnerships with medical facilities and enable the company to collaborate with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) conducting clinical trials.

Netguru role

  • The role of Netguru was to provide mobile development services. The chosen technology was React Native.
  • We were responsible for developing two separate versions of the app — one for use in clinical trials and another for use in commercial settings.

How Netguru did it — our approach to the project

  • Researching patient needs to develop a list of potential features

The role of the Netguru team was to develop a list of potential features for the Kata applications. Our research aimed to include features to work as an assistant for patients with respiratory diseases. A core component was an interactive, guided inhalation module. The application had to be capable of adapting to all inhaler types and collecting anonymized patient data.

  • Providing mobile development services using React Native with TypeScript

Netguru worked using React Native with TypeScript. The project began with product discovery using research, expert calls, and estimations. As the client had already established a roadmap, we suggested the team extension cooperation model.

We implemented the React Native framework and continued collaborating with the client’s team using agile methodology.

Our team helped the client anticipate, deal with, and solve technical challenges by delivering the high-quality code behind this advanced application. This state-of-the-art app uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to monitor and support correct inhalator usage to help enhance patient treatment.

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Results of the collaboration

  • The client received a working product, the Kata app, that is effective for use in both commercial and clinical environments.
  • Through the collaboration, the client had access to a team of software development experts which enhanced workflows, and the latest knowledge to ensure the rapid completion of the project.
  • Thanks to the close collaboration, the client received support and consultancy surrounding additional tech challenges such as releasing the new product to different app stores.
  • The client can now pursue further growth opportunities using the completed product that is capable of improving patient inhalation practices.

The client is now able to diversify its business model and collaborate with contract research organizations (CROs) in conducting clinical trials.

Recognized by leading health professionals, the app has helped establish VisionHealth as a disruptive and important new player in the healthcare sector.

It’s great how Netguru adapted to our highly regulated development lifecycle, as we have a lot of overhead, which is probably not usual in other fields than medical. I also liked that we were able to consult Netguru experts outside of the agreed assignment, e.g. when we were facing issues with the Android store, Netguru devops and Android experts gave us guidance on a very short notice.
Alexandros Sivris

Alexandros Sivris

CTO at VisionHealth

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