Rapid Development of MVP App for Music Sampling

Platform for the sharing of music samples
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Artists in the MENA region face a number of challenges in creating independent music.


There are travel restrictions, limited access to global musical resources, and restrictive licensing that create barriers for talented musicians. Our client wanted to build an app that would solve the following problems:

  • Artists in the region do not have access to high-quality sound files to sample.
  • The samples they produce are often in subpar formats, hindering music creation.
  • Artists are isolated and don’t have any tools that would let them share materials.
  • Due to the complexity of the market, the founder wasn’t sure if the idea will pan out.


The founder of Taqsim turned to Netguru’s development team to help develop such application. As we’d already worked together with the client, they knew we understood the culture of the region and we could handle the task. The major milestones in the process included:

  • Building wireframes and visual designs for two languages (English and Arabic).
  • Designing and implementing rules for waveforms that would adjust to different screens.
  • Creating a system for the processing of different file formats.
  • Developing integration with Mideastunes.


Completing the project took only two months, and the client could immediately start promoting the product among users and looking for potential investors to fund the future development of the Taqsim. The main benefits of Taqsim’s cooperation with Netguru included the following:

  • The app has smooth UX for both languages that require different navigation.
  • All the necessary features were introduced in the first MVP.
  • Users can upload music files in different formats, put them in different catalogues and share across the network.
  • The client can push the project forward and look for partners to develop the platform.


  • 2 months to release an MVP
  • 5 team members
  • 2 languages
  • 6,443 views on Dribbble

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