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Amazon Web Services is an on-demand cloud computing services platform offered by Amazon. In simple words - they offer many services like file storage, databases, DNS, and servers you can use on their infrastructure.
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Serverless topic is becoming more and more hot these days. The idea behind this architecture style is that a large part of the headaches related to the server’s operational responsibilities can be delegated to a 3d-party provider, so that developers can focus entirely on writing code aligned with the business goal the application serves.
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Introduction Have you ever wondered what it takes to build good IoT product? How much effort does it take to create useful solution which will work safely and serve many clients? It can take a lot of time to do it. Fortunately there are some services like Google Cloud IoT or Amazon AWS IoT which try to help developers overcome all of common obstacles and make the work much easier. Today we will talk more closely about Amazon services. The main goal of their platform which was launched in 2015 is to offer tools that will help to spend more time on product development and not on common tasks that could be easily automated.
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Transcoding Media Files with AWS

What is transcoding This process can be extremely useful in applications for streaming music or video files. Transcoding simply means converting a file from one digital format to another. A media file usually consists of a number of pieces - called tracks - which are packed into a container along with metadata information. Each of the tracks is encoded into a specific format. Transcoding is done by extracting those tracks from the container, then decoding, filtering, and encoding again each of them one after another, and finally packing them into a new container.
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Node.js, Lambda, Serverless and some cloud functions - the perfect mix for building a scalable app that’s easy to manage and doesn’t have many vulnerable dependencies. Also, it’s not expensive at all. Find out more about how much money you can save in our introduction to this technological combo.
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