Netguru Newsletter #72 - Team Productivity, the Future of Navigation Apps and Video Storytelling

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Olga Trąd

Updated Sep 28, 2023 • 6 min read

Spring brings about freshness, energy and unpredictable weather - so take care of your health (and sanity) by learning how to build a support network as an entrepreneur and when to turn down a potential customer.

Check out news about Uber’s legal battles, Facebook’s foray into visual storytelling and find out how not to advertise your AI product. Stay up to date and grab some useful resources from this issue of our newsletter.

Uber to Shut Down Denmark Operation over New Taxi Laws

New legislation in Denmark, introducing requirements for taxis, such as seat sensors and fare meters, is forcing Uber to pull out of the country. The main question - in Denmark and elsewhere - seems to be whether Uber should be treated as a transport service or a digital platform. Read more

Startup Cluster Medicon Village Brings A Breath Of Fresh Air To Science In Sweden

Medicon Village’s “main goal is to change and improve the overall current conditions in the health system”. If you’re an entrepreneur interested in life science, check out this innovative space. Read more

Google Reveals the Future of GPS Navigation Apps

We already know that Waze’s traffic navigation app shows its users ads tempting them to indulge in some fast food. Soon, this might grow into a full-blown ordering-ahead service for food, parking spaces - and more. Read more

Facebook Pivots into Stories

Facebook is moving on from text-based content to more visual communication. The new Facebook Camera seems to have similarities to Snapchat, but it was actually the rise of Instagram Stories that inspired Facebook to bring about this change. Read more

Developers Can Finally Respond to App Store Reviews – Here’s How It Works

Apple brings a major change to the App Store by allowing app developers to talk to users, respond to questions and offer help. They are finally catching up to Google Play, where the feature has been available since 2013. Read more

Here’s Who You Should Rely on When Times Get Tough

An entrepreneur’s life is tough - often it might feel like you have to do everything by yourself and there’s no one to turn to for help. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Find out how to build a good support network for yourself. Read more

6 Times You Should Turn Down Work

Staying sane while running your own business won’t be made easier by taking on every job opportunity out of desperation. Learn how not to fall into this trap thanks to these 6 conditions set by Tami Brehse. Read more

What AI Companies Can Learn from Airline Autopilot

Did you know your human airline pilot is more likely to cause an incident than to solve one? AI technology influences our lives already and can do much more for us if we allow it, but it seems that many people still have some misgivings. Read more

Scaling SaaS for CEOs - New Ebook that Will Help You Understand the SaaS Development Process

SaaS products - they’re everywhere and it seems like many new businesses decide to use the SaaS model. But what to do once your startup has gained enough traction and you need to scale? Learn Netguru’s time-tested process. Read more

Color Psychology In Branding: Industry-Specific Colors Explained [Infographic]

This cute and very practical infographic sheds some light on colour psychology in relation to logo design. Find out what tricks major brands use to attract customers - and use the same tricks in your own branding. Read more

That's it for this edition of our newsletter. I hope you've enjoyed the articles, found cool inspiration and interesting tips. Feel free to let me know what you thought!

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Photo of Olga Trąd

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