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Nodus Medical simplifies the work of surgical teams


  • Product Design Sprint
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Frontend Development


Nodus Medical, a healthcare startup from Switzerland, found a way to combine the world of aviation principles with medicine. Their digital assistant aims to introduce the best standards of military aviation into European operating theaters to reduce costs by 40%.

Increasing efficiency in documenting surgical procedures 

The company's goal is to eliminate as many organizational and administrative tasks as possible so doctors can focus on taking care of their patients.

Improving safety procedures in hospitals 

Military grade practices put into play in the world of medicine for radical performance increases.

One app that addresses both challenges 

The Nodus Medical app is supposed to serve as a digital assistant to surgeons, supporting the efficiency of performing their surgeries and relieving them of unnecessary stress.

The app is also meant to improve communication in the surgical team and significantly reduce formal procedures and paperwork around surgeries.  

Impress the lead surgeon with your knowledge of the procedure  

Up to date data is securely stored in the cloud and always available for surgeons to access easily.

The software ensures quality and saves time by optimizing workflows and automating reports 

Post-surgery reporting times are drastically reduced, freeing up more time for surgical teams to prep for future operations.

An innovative and tailored app navigation system using a voice interface 

Surgical teams have information displayed clearly and in real-time while being able to navigate the app hands-free.

The Nodus Medical platform supports integrations with other out of the box software systems typically used within a hospital environment.  

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