Disruption Insights: What’s Better Than Solving Problems Through Innovation?

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Updated May 20, 2024 • 5 min read
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With a solid technical and engineering background and ten years of experience in delivering digital transformation, artificial intelligence, ecommerce, and innovation products, Fatima Baz is the right person to talk about all things innovation.

She currently works as a Senior Innovation and Smart Cities Consultant on KSA government projects. Fatima previously held the position of the Digital Process Innovation Lead in North Africa, Gulf, and the Middle East at Unilever, where she was responsible for, among others: managing the creation and customization of innovation and AI solutions, creating the adoption strategy of global innovation products in the region she operates in, setting the Interactive Onboarding Strategy, and managing the implementation of automation and IoT for supply chain processes.

Before joining Unilever, Fatima worked for both startups and multinational corporations like AXA, which, paired with her interest in how innovation and AI impact businesses and marketing, enables her to look at innovative initiatives from many different angles.

In the Disruption Insights series, we discover inspirations and insights from global innovators who shape how we live and do things today. True innovation doesn’t happen as an overnight breakthrough — it’s an ongoing process of constant trial and error done by teams and organizations who strive to solve real human problems. Fatima Baz is one of the people who push those ideas forward, making things possible.

💼Corporate innovation

How do you choose one idea out of one hundred?

I personally would choose the craziest idea.

How do you convince decision-makers to back innovative ideas?

Make sure your analysis reflects the value these ideas can add to their business KPIs once implemented. Show them, involve them, hear them, and then you will have partners in them.

One thing you’d change about your work

Awareness, digital awareness, and the will to do things right, not only deliver for executive-level visibility.

💪🏼Innovation mindset

One personality trait that helps you at your daily job

Being passionate about what I do.

What drives you at work?

The vast range of possibilities lying around when implementing solutions using artificial intelligence. I am an engineer, so I like to solve problems and what's better than solving them in the most intelligent way possible (through innovation)?

Your dream profession when you were 20

Being an astronaut and it still is my dream profession :)

The biggest milestone in your career path

A lot of the challenges I faced in my career and life turned into possibilities later on. The main challenge was a lack of self-belief but once I worked on and nurtured it, it led me towards where I am today.

The biggest accomplishment in your career path

Joining Unilever. It’s a great accomplishment because for the first time in my career, I felt I am working where I belong. I am talking about the great culture, the inclusion, and being surrounded by highly skilled professionals.

💡Inspiration corner

Biggest source of daily inspiration

People around me and books I read daily. I make sure I read more than 40 books a year, it’s very crucial for self-development.

Books that inspire you

  • “Think Again” by Adam Grant
  • “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey
  • “The Billion Dollar Loser” by Reeves Wiedeman
  • “Everything is Fucked” by Mark Manson
  • “SuperIntelligence” by Nick Bostrom

Blogs and magazines you follow

To be honest, I don’t read blogs

Podcasts you listen to

  • I rarely listen to podcasts, it's mainly music

Movies that inspire you

  • “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Want to be a part of the Disruption Insights series? Shoot me an email at paulina.burzawa@netguru.com

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