"GitHub Helped Me Get a Job". Best Links to Jump-Start Your Career as a Developer

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Feb 7, 2018 • 5 min read

Even if you’ve only ever written a few lines of code, chances are you already heard about GitHub.

You might have even set up your own account on the platform. But have you ever thought of using GitHub as a personal marketing tool to jump-start your career as a professional developer? Here are a few stories to prove you better not miss this opportunity. Read on.

“GitHub Helped Me to Get Not One, but Two Jobs!”

This is probably one of the most eye-catching stories. Daniel Kmak showed how to use Stack Overflow and GitHub to draw the attention of tech recruiters. Guess what - he landed his first professional job before turning 19 and with almost no relevant working experience.

More from Kmak on Hackernoon.

How to Get Your First Developer Job in 4 Months

The second proof of GitHub’s influence comes from Sam Williams. He switched to web programming and learned to code in just 4 months. His GitHub profile was decent enough to provide him with his first job opportunity as a developer.

Learn what he said about his experience on GitHub:

“Having your project code online allows future employers to see what you’ve written and how you write”.

More on Medium.

GitHub as standard protocol

More GitHub impact? We found this piece from Insights.Dice.com.

Consider this quote:

“I’m not sure candidates realize how effective a marketing tool GitHub can be for them,” said Robert Fleischhauer, senior technology recruiter with the InSource Group in Dallas. In fact, he added that reviewing candidates’ GitHub profiles is becoming a “standard protocol” for his clients.

More on Insights.dice.

Jump to These Quora Threads about GitHub accounts

If you want to dig deeper on GitHub as a recruitment tool, Quora might be the best place to start from. We gathered few links for you to consider.

A link for beginners - how to start with GitHub


How to tune your account on GitHub


Best coders to follow on GitHub



GitHub for job interview


Wanted or not? Is it important to contribute to GitHub projects?


Choose your first job wisely. Fingers crossed - we hope you find your match.

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