Netguru Receives the Gold Cloud Platform Competency in Azure

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Updated Feb 14, 2023 • 2 min read
Netguru Receives the Gold Cloud Platform Competency in Azure

We’re excited to share the news that Netguru has received the Gold Cloud Platform Competency in Azure!

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Netguru increases its visibility on the market and reaches the highest level of partner competency.

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“Becoming a Gold Partner is the next step in our path as a Microsoft Partner. So far, we’ve achieved the Silver status in Application Development, Application Integration, and Datacenter. Now we can add the first Gold in the prestigious Cloud Platform,” says Mikołaj Maćkowiak, Azure Tech Leader at Netguru.

Similarly to achieving the AWS Advanced Partner Tier, receiving the Gold Partner status is a part of Netguru’s cloud growth strategy.

“Why do we focus on Azure? Enterprise clients often use Microsoft solutions already, and Azure is a natural extension of these services, which allows us to easily integrate existing infrastructure (on premise) with modern cloud applications,” Maćkowiak adds.

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a growing demand for cloud services from large enterprises that are present in the Microsoft ecosystem, using Windows-based desktops, servers and tools. They are more and more aware of the benefits of migrating to cloud, and Azure is a natural choice owing to the opportunities it offers in integrating with existing on-premise infrastructure.

Netguru joined the Microsoft Partner network back in September 2020, and reached Silver status in December 2020. A couple months later, in July 2021, the company received the Gold status.

Even though we’ve just received the Gold Cloud Platform Competency in Azure, we’re not slowing down and have started preparing to level-up in the Microsoft Partner Network. We’re working on bringing additional competencies to our Gold Level and proving ourselves in Advanced Specialisation areas.

Photo of Rafał Sałak

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