Design and Implementation of a Branding and Web Design Strategy

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Our client is a UK-based tech company that offers consulting and cloud DevOps services.

Goal turned to Netguru to help them design and implement their entire branding and web design strategy. The main challenges included:

  • Creating a modern yet industry-appropriate visual strategy that would differentiate from its competitors.
  • Creating a consistent and clear brand message that would effortlessly inform customers about the company’s vision.
  • Designing supporting illustrations for branding and social media that would be consistent with the company’s website.


After defining the initial scope of the project, our Product Design Team proceeded with a research phase. The process included:

  • Organising and conducting a branding workshop that aimed at better understanding the business goals of the client, his targeted audience, and the industry in which he operates.
  • Defining the brand’s main values and adjusting the visual concept to those values.
  • Creating the company’s style guides, as well as the UI design for the company’s website.


The Netguru team successfully managed to complete the design project within 4 weeks. The new branding identity of the company received positive feedback from stakeholders. The main results included:

  • The company’s entire corporate identity was designed.
  • The company’s landing page reflects a fresh approach and is now adjusted to its tech-savvy customers.
  • 17 illustrations were created.
  •’s branding stands out positively from its competition which uses a more traditional visual language.


  • 4 tech Partners
  • 17 custom illustrations
  • 4 project members
  • 4 weeks to finish project

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