MVP Marketplace for a German HR Startup

Information technology online marketplace linking businesses with technology talent

The client's online marketplace links businesses with technology talent.

A successful launch required an experienced partner who would be able to develop their first minimum viable product (MVP) with predictable quality, provided on time and within budget.


  • Limited resources.
  • Short time to market (which was a critical factor for the project).
  • Delivering a tested, quality product as soon as possible.


To meet the project’s dynamic schedule, Netguru pulled together a small dedicated team consisting of developers and quality assurance specialists. Project managers kept each sprint well-balanced and in check.

  • Fast-to-develop RoR backend as the key tech stack, coded by senior developers.
  • Ember.js in the frontend (recommended by one of Netguru's developers) as a robust and hassle-free framework.
  • Meticulous application of agile development.


The solution has been live for six months. The project is ongoing, but currently requires only one engineer to sustain operations. The app received overwhelmingly positive feedback from end users. In particular, they highly commended the app’s reliability and the overall usability.

  • Super-fast delivery.
  • Great quality.
  • The ability to test the marketplace on the market fast.


  • 90 days of production
  • 2 senior developers
  • 2526 commits by Netguru
  • 103 design screens

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