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Petro Niche is a Calgary-based technology and consulting company focused on the oil and gas sector.


It offers mapping and consulting services to oil and gas professionals across western Canada. Petro Niche wanted to create a premium feature for their mobile mapping app. The main goals included:

  • to develop Petro Ninja’s new premium service,
  • to review and upgrade the existing tool,
  • to add new options to the mapping tool that would show the well and pipe infrastructure.


Netguru worked with Petro Niche on enhancing the existing code and expanding the functionalities of the Petro Ninja app. The process involved the following steps:

  • building the app’s new functionalities using React Native as the main mobile technology;
  • expanding the app’s premium map architecture with new layers;
  • introducing geolocation solutions to the system,
  • adding attribute data to the app’s custom layers.


The premium version of the Petro Ninja app is now live, and continues to receive positive feedback from the community. Petro Niche is now planning to expand its services into the United States. The main achievements of our joint project included:

  • exceeding the project’s originally planned scope and delivering it on time;
  • Introducing the new version of the Petro Ninja app the the AppStore and Google Play stores;
  • Receiving great user feedback - the app has been growing its user base by 17% month on month.


  • 17% MoM user growth
  • 7 project members
  • 1 month to finish project
  • React Native is not really common, at least that was our feeling when we were looking around to find good developer companies specialising in it. My experience with Netguru is positive, together we’ve completed a very important project in this technology.
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