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Introducing Simple Smarthome System

Some developers like to have side projects that they can work on in their free time. I’m one of them. I always have some code and electronics lying around, waiting to be finished. This time I wanted to test my skills in backend development and learn a little bit in the process. I have experience with Kotlin, so the obvious choice for me was to try Ktor. 
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Just like in the other hybrid solutions Kotlin Multiplatform allows to easily share the business logic between all the platforms. Moreover, the business logic can be compiled to many different platforms like JVM, Android, JavaScript, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, and embedded systems using Kotlin JVM, Kotlin2JS or Kotlin Native.
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This review of Kotlin Multiplatform Guidelines is going to focus on the project architecture and design aspect. 
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Continuous Integration in Kotlin Multiplatform projects requires a slightly different approach comparing to the Native ones.  In this edition of Kotlin Multiplatform Guidelines we will focus on explaining the possible CI implementation working with the Android, iOS, and Spring backend platforms developed with Kotlin Multiplatform. 
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Debate about „cross-platform vs native” rages lastly due to Google’s Flutter. Google is trying to revolutionize mobile development, in the meantime, JetBrains is slowly trying to develop some „worth to consider" solution. Let’s be honest, Java is popular... very popular and in the future, Kotlin can be the next big thing, as the popularity is expected to grow as it is now. According to Stack Overflow's 2018 Annual Developer Survey Kotlin is the second beloved language among Developers.
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