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Using New React Hooks API in React Native

Using Hooks in React Native Hold on, what exactly are “Hooks”? Instead of coming up with my explanation, I’ll just point you to great resources that should get you up and running with Hooks in no time:
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Introduction Detox is an End-to-End testing library for applications developed in React Native. What does End-to-End (E2E) mean? It means testing your application from the perspective of an end user, but doing so automatically. We write a set of instructions, and a program uses the provided tools to “click through” our application like a real user. When using Detox, we write tests in JavaScript that utilise the native drivers for running those tests (EarlGrey for iOS and Espresso for Android ). The library is tested with React Native <=0.56, but will most likely work with newer versions. The setup changes with every major version, but the maintainers and folks from Wix try to make it as easy as possible.
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I have recently gone through Udemy’s course on React Native by Stephen Grinder. It’s a comprehensive course that explains basic concepts and shows how to use the framework in practice. Here is my short review with recommendations who it is for.
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