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Got a perfect business idea that needs to be turned into a beautiful app? Whatever the challenge, you need a committed and qualified team to make the best out of your idea. That’s why checking the team’s skills, experience and approach, along with clients' opinions should be an essential part of your decision-making process.

For all those reasons, you might be interested in making your next mobile application with Netguru. Here is why:

More than 5 years of experience in mobile app development

It was late 2013, when we decided it was high time we built a mobile dev department focused on high-quality native iOS and Android apps.

As cross-platform frameworks came about, we saw a great potential for all the businesses planning to cover more than just one platform. For almost three years now, we’ve been building successful projects with React Native, allowing our team to cut up to 33 percent of development time when building applications for both platforms.

With sixteen people divided into three RN teams, we are convinced that RN is here to stay. And that’s just a tiny piece of our cross-platform experience, which even includes Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform.

Want to make sure your engineers can deliver top-notch technology know-how ranging AR, location-based apps, and Data Persistence to Machine Learning?

Our team of 60 mobile dev consultants will help you to bring your mobile ideas into life – regardless of whether it is a fintech startup, IoT devices, or a personal robot that will appear on a TED stage one day. And that’s just a small part of the whole 600+ company.

Comprehensive product development approach

When you plan to build your product – be it a custom mobile app or a brand new web platform – you don’t need to know which framework to use or how to put all the necessary technologies together.

You need to focus on building a strategy for your product and the goals you want to achieve. The rest is up to your software consultants who have the expertise necessary to tell you how to achieve that, at the same time addressing any business issues that may appear unexpectedly.

To provide top-notch software consultancy services means to never settle with one closed set of mobile app development technologies. It’s crucial to operate on personalized solutions that match business values and help meet stakeholders’ expectations.

At Netguru, we’re up for all kinds of challenges, regardless of whether it takes understanding and implementing new application development frameworks such as React Native or Flutter, or writing and combining custom software that fulfill our partners’ expectations.

This sort of approach is crucial for recommending the most reliable solutions to any challenge a business may meet. Need a robust conference app that will not cause tech issues even with tens of thousands of event attendees? We can get it done.

Want to build a robot from scratch while coordinating the workflow between three teams scattered around the world? Check.

Looking for a mobile app that would help employees move around the office? Been there, done that.

We’ve built over 50 mobile apps, carefully picking proper solutions so that each app would work at its best possible performance – from location-based apps & maps, wireless (BLE / WebRTC / IoT), chats & real-time communications, to complex UIs.

In our projects, we also put a lot of emphasis on the engineering side. In modern applications, data security is one of the most important aspects of business stability. That’s why our clients can be sure mobile apps created by Netguru live up to the highest standards of security.

Our guidelines are compliant with OWASP recommendations. Moreover, we build apps with a focus on a scalable architecture that will allow easy further development in the future. Based on our experience, we have developed best practices of combining fast development with quality and stability.

With such a wide array of technologies used in our projects, it’s crucial that we guarantee the highest quality of service. That’s why every project that we do is led by a dedicated Project Manager, and at each stage of our work, our services also include Quality Assurance.

Expertize that allows to implement your business idea in the best way

What helps us achieve the above is a unique end-to-end service model that we’ve built.

Got a business idea, yet no clue how to turn it into a profitable mobile app? We’ve got you covered. Our team will take you through the whole development process, from ideation and product design to front- and back-end development and quality assurance to post-launch maintenance.

Support of all aspects of software development success

Need guidance in marketing your app and reaching potential customers? Happy to provide any know-how necessary. Want to follow in Shine’s footsteps and provide users with a world-class app experience? A beautiful design that addresses any UX/UI issues is a must-have.

Our designers’ work has been recognized by established organizations and communities, including Dribbble trending and popularity lists.

These are just a few examples of their work:

Anatomic Profile Explore
MediQR - Disease details
LightAR - Luxury lIghting e-commerce app with AR

Our top mobile application development projects

Self-care app for US client developed in React Native

Shine is a self-care app that lets users read motivational text messages and articles, helps them practice gratitude and "check in" for the day, offers self-improvement audio tracks created by experts, and prepares them for dealing with the stresses of everyday life. Recognized as one of the Best of App Store 2018.

Shine: Self-care app for US client

Custom made Android embedded solution for Israeli client

Temi is a sister company to Roboteam, a leading provider of unmanned ground vehicles. Temi is also the name of a cutting-edge personal assistant robot, labelled by the media as the equivalent of Amazon’s Alexa on wheels – the robot appeared on TED stage in 2019. Netguru joined Temi to help the company to build a robot envisioned to lead the market of home robotics.

Temi robot: Android embedded solution for Israeli client

Android and iOS MVP healthcare app for UK based startup

Helpr’s founders came up with an idea for a platform that would make the British social care system more efficient. They needed to partner with a software developer that would build the backend and frontend for web, iOS, and Android apps. The project is run as a social enterprise and puts the quality of service before profit.

Helpr: healthcare app for UK based startup

Concept of family banking application for youth

Pockee is a concept of a financial platform for kids. Pockee is an application concept that bridges the generation gap, empowering the youngest generations to learn about money in the modern world and giving parents full control over their children’s expenses.

Pockee - financial app concept

More mobile apps by Netguru - click here

More mobile apps developed within our R&D initiatives

New technologies and frameworks appear almost every day. Investing lots of time and effort into verifying the business potential of each and every technology that appears on the radar is fundamental to offering reliable software recommendations.

Our R&D team experiments with a range of modern technologies: Machine Learning, Flutter, Kotlin Multiplatform, Internet of Things, Virtual & Augmented reality, and many more.

We believe that knowledge should be shared. That’s why:

  • our engineers join various events – from local meetups to large conferences – and share their R&D experience;
  • we’re active on Twitter and Medium, multiple blogs, and Stack Overflow;
  • our experimental approach to Kotlin Multiplatform is often referred to by other engineers;
  • we sharing our experience with Flutter development openly as a part of our cross-platform framework perspective.

We’ve built a Machine Learning team of 9 engineers (2 PhDs included) who spend most of their time having fun with natural language processing, anomaly detection, and recommendation systems.

Here are a few of our internal R&D projects that helped us test various technologies and ideas in action:


A mobile app that uses Augmented Reality and Machine Learning to detect different car models with a smartphone camera. It helped us built a process suitable for testing reliable Machine Learning models designed for mobile apps. Recently featured on ProductHunt.
Technologies tested: ARCore, ARKit, Machine Learning, Kotlin, Swift, Dagger, RxJava2 & RxKotlin2 & RxAndroid2 & RxSwift, Room, Mockito.

Response Detective

A Sherlock Holmes of the networking layer. It allows you to easily monitor what happens when your iOS app communicates with web servers. It’s a very useful tool for all developers and helps debug apps faster.


A convenient tool for iOS app testing and debugging. You can easily attach Overlog to iPhone and iPad apps. In just a few lines of code and a few minutes, the debugging tool will be installed and ready to use.
Technologies tested: Swift, Response Detective: NSURLProtocol, Keychain, UserDefaults.


A mobile app that summarizes and visualizes your relationship with the people you talk to on Slack, based on the data from the past 30 days.
Technologies tested:
Android: Kotlin, Mosby (MVP), Dagger, RxJava2 & RxKotlin2 & RxAndroid2, Room, Retrofit, Glide, Crashlytics, JUnit + Mockito
iOS (React Native): React Native + Redux, Jest.

What about mobile app security?

Ok, we get it. You want to rest easy and stop wondering if your users’ data is at risk. That’s our goal as well. We’ve built a Mobile Security Review process based on OWASP Mobile standards to help engineers verify and ensure maximum security through strictly following OWASP Mobile Testing Guide.

This process is especially useful to companies operating in FinTech or Healthcare, where data storage often requires full confidentiality.

What our clients say

We could say a lot about how our work helps our clients change the world, but why don’t we let them speak for themselves? Here are just a few of the references shared by our clients or posted on our Clutch profile:

Since Netguru has come on board with us, my life has become so much easier because you have removed so many of my daily pains. The stability of the platform has been greatly increased. The speed at which the platform works has been greatly increased. And when I ask for something to be changed, replaced or fixed, it happens. I don't have to wait for six months. It's done the next day.

Jack Gardner, CEO of Quik Video.

I remember hearing from calls with Netguru’s reference contacts that the experience and breadth of knowledge of the team were great. The small development team we work with daily is good, but we know other resources within Netguru can be tapped, people with different skill sets. It’s almost like having extra consultants for free, or a support network.

Jonathan Uy, CTO of Shine.

Their developers are also committed to our project, which speaks volumes about their character.

VP of Product, Personal Robot Product, Israel.

They showed us what the problems were, how to fix them, and they did it all the proper way.

Co-founder, Financial Technology, Germany.

The team’s agile approach not only produced a quality app but also had a positive long-term effect on internal methodologies. Netguru was constantly available for discussion, which proved helpful during a miscommunication about costs. Expect stellar designs and a professional environment.

Employee, Large Consumer Products Company, Poland.

They've always delivered their work on time and within the specified budget, with exceptional communication.

Founder & CEO, Consumer Products Startup, Utah, U.S.

Don’t forget to check out the case studies posted to our blog.

Top software professionals for your project

When you’re looking for someone to lead your mobile application development process, you probably need someone who:

  • Has 5+ years of coding experience;
  • Has developed apps published in the App Store and Google Play Store;
  • Can take on a business perspective thanks to the experience from multiple industries, from fintech and banking to NGOs and consulting, to startups and social media;
  • Is a StackOverflow moderator;
  • Knows how to build enterprise apps from scratch or using legacy codebases;
  • Has experience in using third-party solutions such as Google Maps, Twilio, or Facebook;
  • Actively contributes to various open-source libraries;
  • And basically, is totally passionate about tech and developing apps.

If that’s what you’re looking for, happy to say it also describes our Mobile Team core leaders: Radek Szeja, Krzysztof Jackowski, Adrian Kashivskyy, Marcin Piesiak & others.


You’ll face many challenges before you release your new app. If you’re just looking for a typical development company, Netguru may not be the right choice.

However, if you’re looking for a partner who would take ownership and support you during the whole process, feel free to reach out to us directly or use the contact form below.

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