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Storing and Using the Last Known Route in Vue

There are situations where keeping a reference to the last route a user visited can come in handy. For example, let’s say we’re working with a multi-step form and the user proceeds from one step to the next. It would be ideal to have the route of that previous step in hand so we know where the user left off, in the event that they navigate away and come back later to complete the form later.
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I recently had the opportunity to work on a fantastic research and development project at Netguru. The goal of the project (codename "Wordguru") was to create a card game that anyone can play with their friends. You can check the outcome here.
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Infinite Scroll with Vue.js and Intersection Observer

If we look at the web applications, the idea behind most of them is to fetch data from the database and present it to the user in the best possible way. When we deal with data there are cases when the best possible way of presentation means creating a list.
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When I think about performance and how websites are loaded, the first thing that comes to my mind is that when the content is loaded the last elements that appear on the page are images.
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It should not come as a surprise that CSS in modern web development is far from perfect. Nowadays, projects are usually quite complex and, given the global nature of styles, it’s extremely easy to end up with conflicting styles that override each other or that implicitly cascade down to elements we didn’t consider before.
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Practical Use of Vue.js Scoped Slots

There are situations when you want the template inside the slot to be able to access data from the child component that is responsible for rendering the slot content. This is particularly useful when you need freedom in creating custom templates that use the child component's data properties. That is a typical use case for scoped slots.
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