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What is an enterprise mobile application?

Enterprise app development means developing products that meet and exceed the expectations of the world’s top companies. Industry leaders operate in a fast-paced, competitive environment, where a high-quality mobile solution can be just the advantage they need. These apps are reliable, secure, extremely efficient and fast – all to make sure that employees and customers can enjoy the best possible user experience, regardless of where they are.

Enterprise app development means developing products that meet and exceed the expectations of the world’s top companies. Industry leaders operate in a fast-paced, competitive environment, where a high-quality mobile solution can be just the advantage they need. These apps are reliable, secure, extremely efficient and fast – all to make sure that employees and customers can enjoy the best possible user experience, regardless of where they are.

If you’re afraid that the mobile revolution might be a fad, don’t be. Reports indicate that at least fifty per cent of top companies worldwide recognise the potential of the mobile market and commit their efforts to rising through app store rankings. Major players in industries like banking, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and media use enterprise mobile strategies to up their game. They do this by creating top-quality mobile apps.

Our enterprise mobile solutions

One of the crucial things to understand about mobile apps is that they need to function well in a variety of contexts while providing industry-specific enterprise mobile solutions to users at the same time. Netguru’s strategy is to carefully analyse a client’s individual needs, organisational structure, business processes, and company culture. After all, the point of an enterprise mobile strategy is to make sure that employees and customers will find the application useful and a delight to interact with. It’s crucial to understand the market the app will operate on and the preferences of its target audience.

Business analysis and consulting

The first step in enterprise mobile development are, in our case, consultations and an analysis of the client’s current situation and their business needs. We make sure we know what systems and processes will be part of the app’s operations and focus on delivering real value. We’re always glad to share our own ideas with the client, and advise them on what technologies will suit their vision best. While we love to track the latest trends in mobile enterprise apps, we know that sometimes the new and shiny solution isn’t as trustworthy as the less exciting but stable one.

All-round development and integration

Software development, and particularly the development of enterprise mobile apps, isn’t just about writing high-quality code. The entire process counts, including consultation, prototyping, design, programming, testing, and maintenance. Providing mobile solutions to large-scale companies involves a lot of responsibility, and we need to be fully prepared to take it on. We do so by perfecting our internal processes and always striving to exceed expectations.
As a fully-staffed mobile app development company with a lot of experience, Netguru can provide enterprise mobile solutions that have been thoroughly tested in multiple production environments. We’ve seen what works and what is best avoided, and we’re responsible for sharing this knowledge with clients. If there are many points of contact between your enterprise mobile app and other systems, you need to make sure your team knows which backend and frontend technologies to use, provides a proper quality assurance process, and uses top security measures to protect sensitive data.

Native and cross-platform development

Native development means building a separate mobile app for all of your platforms (most likely Android and iOS). Cross-platform development, on the other hand, is a way to avoid doing the same work twice. Thanks to technologies like React Native, it’s possible to build the core of your app once and deliver a native-like experience for your users on all platforms.

Both options come with advantages and disadvantages. Building two native apps is more time-consuming and takes more resources. It’s also more difficult to maintain two apps instead of one and manage two separate development teams. The bright side is that the experience you deliver through this approach can be of absolute top quality, taking full advantage of the native capabilities of your users’ devices and the Android or iOS technology. Cross-platform apps can be faster to develop, or they can help you reach a wider audience if you’re currently thinking of developing only one app. Their code is reusable for both the iOS and Android platforms, so you can have one development team for the entire project. Sadly, cross-platform apps may offer worse performance, as they need to be built within certain constraints, and their architecture is more difficult to design.

Enterprise mobile app challenges we solve

Whether you choose to build a native or a cross-platform enterprise mobile solution, you’re likely to face a number of challenges. Firstly, mobile-friendly designs are not easy to achieve, particularly for the Android platform, as the devices using Android vary in screen size and technical capabilities. Secondly, mobile apps need to be extremely easy and fast to use, as they tend to be used in a multitude of scenarios, from the office chair to the middle of a long commute or a tense business meeting. Thirdly, connectivity can be an issue, which means that steps need to be taken to provide full or limited offline functionality. Yet another major challenge can be designing a maintainable, smart architecture for your app, with effective integrations, readable code and a resistance to errors.

All of these issues can be solved through choosing the right technologies for each individual app, and thoroughly analysing the users’ habits and needs. At Netguru, we pride ourselves on always working with the client’s goals in mind, and on delivering added value through our know-how and experience. We make sure to establish an open line of communication for every project, allowing us to get the information we need and empowering our clients to be involved in the development process. We use an agile approach to face changes in project requirements, and we care deeply about providing real value during each project.

Consulting and prototyping

If you’re at the early stages of developing your enterprise mobile project, consider building a prototype instead of launching straight into coding the full version of the application. This approach can help you test your ideas on real people and verify them against your business goals. It’s much less wasteful to start with a prototype than skip that step and realise somewhere down the line that a crucial feature of your enterprise product doesn’t work the way it should.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, going through a consultation procedure with your enterprise app development company can be a fantastic start that adds value to your business before you make a commitment to a development plan. As experts in our field, Netguru will be able to point out the usual pitfalls of enterprise app development and help you choose the best technologies for what you want to achieve. We can help you design an enterprise mobile strategy that will support your business and deliver measurable results.

Types of enterprise mobile applications

Enterprise mobile apps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One example is a real-time inventory management platform, and another is a management system helping employees approach customer relations with more efficiency. The list goes on: personal assistants, fintech apps empowering users through powerful analytics, and productivity apps using task automation to help users achieve more with less effort.

An enterprise mobile application can be a tool for a company’s employees. Some are big data apps used for business analytics, using company metrics to make the data readable and usable at a glance, others introduce an accessible management system for business processes (e.g. sales). Corporate training apps and vehicle fleet management systems also fall under the category of enterprise mobile apps. And all of these require a fully tailored approach to achieve top efficiency and user satisfaction. The app’s ultimate goal is to help them improve their efficiency at work by giving them the right tools at the right time – and sometimes in real time.

Learn more from our software developers

Netguru software developers and consultants are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. They can advise you on the important aspects when you look for an experienced software development company. Check out our knowledge base about software development.

Industries we excel at

Our clients are businesses of different types and sizes. We developed projects for companies in a range of industries: finance, media, healthcare, education, government, real estate/property, social media, travel/transport, e-business, e-commerce, to name a few.

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Trust is a foundation for great products

Our clients often cooperate with us for many years, launching various products. It's because we always strive to become trusted technological partners who care to provide more than just software development expertise. Thanks to that, we work as an extension of our clients’ teams rather than an outsourcing agency.

What I appreciate in working with Netguru: that you take the ownership, you're experienced, and that we can rely on you.

Peter Grosskopf
CTO, solarisBank

Netguru has been the best agency we've worked with so far. Your team understands Kelle and is able to design new skills, features, and interactions within our model.

Adi Pavlovic
Director of Innovation, Keller Williams

Let me put it this way: we have built a grand and impressive building. But without Netguru’s insights, we would be stuck on the ground-floor forever.

Artur Kryzan
Team Leader and CX Manager, Volkswagen

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