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Imagine the following situation: you're in a hurry and have a lot tasks to do. The clock is ticking but your to-do list is not getting any smaller. And now you’ve realized that forgot to write down some tasks. Sounds familiar? In my previous article I shared some thoughts on how to cope with information overload. In this piece, I'd like to tell you about some mind-calming practices we all need but which we tend to forget about in our hectic lives.
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How to Cope With Information Overload as a Professional pt.1

Scientists say that our brains process up to 35 GB of data daily. Imagine how much would that be if we only took people from the IT industry. Our brains haven’t significantly increased their capacity since the dawn of the digital era. To be able to be truly productive we have to efficiently separate the signal from the noise. In this two-article mini series I will tell you how I deal with information overload while working as a Quality Assurance Specialist in one of the biggest software houses in Europe.
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