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Updated Oct 17, 2023 • 11 min read
Join Netguru as a Product Designer

We are always on the lookout for new members to join our Design Team who would like to build their future here at Netguru. We understand that no matter how great the potential role is or how enticing the culture is, applying at Netguru can be daunting for anyone.

That is why we want to help you and answer some of the frequently asked questions by candidates during the recruitment process for a Product Design position.

You will discover what working in our Design Team would look like, and how your career could evolve. So read on, dispel your doubts and take the leap into many of the available roles.

1. Are you looking for a person to be assigned to one specific project, or are you flexible in assigning projects to a new team member?

We are flexible about the way you want to work - you can join us for a gig as a freelancer or hop on board as a full-time employee. Having access to various opportunities and projects you will cooperate with different industries and companies.

As a result, you will not only gain more experience but also develop a variety of skills you didn’t even know you had. Your work will fluctuate based on what has come in at the time, but your team leader may brief you on a suitable project for you to 'join' during onboarding.

We have also introduced the concept of time on ‘the bench’, during which employees are not assigned to client projects, and can instead focus on some smaller assignments like teasers, internal projects or training to develop their skills based on the goals assigned by their leaders.

2. What is the exact difference between a UX Designer and a Product Designer at your company?

A UX Designer is primarily focused on the UX aspects of the product, finding this through a variety research practices such as desk research, interviews and testing, and creation of interactive wireframes ready to be tested with the end users.

A product designer of the other side is a jack of all trades, who can lead both the UX design processes and the UI focused areas such as visuals, style guides and design systems.

3. What projects do you have - long-term, short-term, with big or smaller companies, what industries?

We have a variety of ongoing projects, as well as individual short-term projects on our itinerary. It is essential for us to span a vast range of industries such as retail, fintech, healthcare, allowing us to help any business that needs it—delivering prototypes and engineering solutions that will help them reach their goals. We have assignments that last years, and some that last two weeks. Our portfolio includes corporations, medium-sized companies, and startups.

4. How is the Design Team organized?

The team is organised into 11 sub-teams with Team Leaders taking care of 5-7 people maximum. As for project related teams, we work in Agile teams with Project Managers and Developers. You may work as a solo Designer on a project or be paired with a UX or UI Designer.

Through calendars, with internal and external deadlines, and regular check-ins with team members, it is simple to organize large teams with a common goal. We succeed at this at Netguru, priding ourselves on meeting all deadlines and fast turnarounds for our clients.

5. If the team is so big, how do you manage it?

Our design team may be big, with more than 80 members, making it the biggest design team in Poland but it's tight-knit.

Communication is one of the fundamental principles of Netguru. To make internal communication easier we use Bridge and Slack. We also organize 1:1 meetings and quarterly evaluations that allow us regular check-in between a leader and each team member. We thrive on open communication channels and manage each member in a constructive and feedback-oriented way.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if you are a Senior or a Junior, joining our team opens a number of possibilities. We are levelling up our skills, sharing our knowledge with each other, and always have somebody to help us with the obstacles and challenges that appear. Even though we have a lot of independence while working with clients, we know that there are a bunch of colleagues we can bounce our ideas off of.

6. What does leadership and mentorship look like? Does my leader support me in the project?

You will be linked with a leader and a mentor, ensuring you hit the ground running in your new role. We operate on a feedback-orientated basis, which means a culture of communication and comments. Therefore the more you tell your team leader, mentor, and managers, the better they can assist you in having a happy, healthy, and productive work environment. It doesn't matter who you are; you are allowed to speak your mind (even if it's about the CEO).

As long as it is presented in a productive way, there is nothing we love more than feedback to guide every individual. During your first few months , help will never be far away and you can relax knowing that you will be supported throughout your journey. As you become more comfortable in your position you will be able to demonstrate more independence at your own pace.

7. Tell me what a regular day of a Designer looks like

Every day will be different depending on the live projects. You may be required to have a team meeting, liaise with clients, work independently or all three within one day. It is crucial to be adaptable in this industry while still following our design process.

We pay special attention to daily team meetings, where we share what we have accomplished the day before, what our plan is for today, and what blockers team memes deal with. Your team leaders will help you with this, and expectations will be made clear, ensuring you are never lost or 'left to your own devices' without good reason. For a more in depth look at a ‘day-to-day’ , check out our Lead Product Designer, Daria’s, Instagram takeover.

8. What kind of brands do you work with?

We work with various clients, from big-name brands such as IKEA (app development), Volkswagen (UI, UX and concepting), Babbel (web development and UI/UX design), and Solaris Bank (backend solutions) to smaller companies, including startups such as Moonfare (product design).

With a massive variety of opportunities, you will always have something new to work towards. We don't prioritize big names here at Netguru. We aim to be the best at what we do, no matter the client.

9. Am I going to be stuck with a long-term project?

Ensuring both our employees and our clients are happy is crucial to us as unhappy employees cannot create their best work. Usually our projects vary in length. They may last three months or so, but we also have clients who appreciate long-term cooperation with a given Designer, thus some projects may require commitment for a longer period of time (for example 1 year). When assigning to a project, we always try to take into consideration all parties' preferences and are reasonably open to ideas when it comes to time scales.

10. Are Designers working alone on a project? Or, do they work in a team?

We are a large team of 80+ members with a strong community mindset and collaborative effort. Each one of us has a strong design/art background and we have a lot to share. We believe that the best results come when many people and many viewpoints work together and bounce ideas off of each other to see all sides of the story. Most projects are operated on a team basis, with independent aspects within them, so you will always have someone to turn to if need be.

11. Are Designers in touch with clients? Should I talk to clients?

Yes. At Netguru, Designers communicate with the client. Of course, they're supported by the Project Managers, but it's the Designer's expertise that needs to shine and guide the client through the whole project.

That is why communication and interpersonal skills are essential. We have a strong need for communication here at Netguru. To get the best results, we need to be open with information, and many of our clients love this about us, as it means we are thorough and miss nothing.

12. If I get hired, do you know what project I will be assigned to?

You may discuss certain strengths throughout the onboarding process. In turn, we might have a particular project lined up that would demonstrate your strengths for you to join. If not, we will find you one.

13. What does a project team look like?

The Netguru product design team consists of more than 80 experienced multidisciplinary Designers. We work as full-stack design partners, so our clients can always benefit from comprehensive expertise. A project team may involve certain individual members of this team at one time. Usually the team includes Product Manager, Data Analyst, Engineering Manager, Front-end and Back-end Developers.

14. How is it to work remotely in such a big team?

With constant communication and a culture of trust, working remotely has come as second nature to us. We’ve been doing remote work since 2008. With over 90% of our clients hailing from abroad and 700+ employees working scattered across the globe, Netguru battle-tested both development and design teams in various environments, cultures, and timezones.

We have set expectations and rules of engagement and focus on our outcomes rather than 'looking busy.' If you are an adaptable person with excellent communication skills, you won't find it too challenging.

We also recognize how important it is to be able to bond with teammates outside of work and create a sense of belonging amongst employees, which is why we have a range of after-work initiatives and social activities for employees to relax and enjoy themselves together.

For example, Netguru organizes Late Summer Hangouts, when employees are given another opportunity to meet face to face, locally in different cities across Poland.

15. Do you often travel due to projects?

A large amount of our work is done remotely. This reduces the need for massive amounts of travel, although it is not entirely off the cards for some members, it depends on the project. For example, if a client would prefer a face-to-face meeting and local to one of our team members, it may be arranged.

Let’s talk about your future at Netguru

If you would like to learn more about product design, check out our blog here, and if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or contact Kasia Pająk directly. We would love to hear from you!

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