9 Reasons Why You'll Love Working at Netguru (2022 Update)

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Updated Mar 27, 2024 • 15 min read
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Finding the right work environment for you in the IT industry isn’t easy.

You might want to be surrounded by like-minded experts who will challenge you and help you grow as a professional. Or perhaps you’re most interested in working on diverse projects or using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

You know what? We really think that applying for a job at Netguru could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Here are nine reasons why.

Reason 1: Employee-friendly working conditions

We care about making our team happy and comfortable at work. Some people prefer the privacy of their home office, others use it only occasionally on a rainy day. One of Netguru’s core values is treating each team member like a trusted partner, so we trust you to choose the best environment for your efficiency and comfort at work.

To help you make your working space more comfortable, we offer a one-off subsidy of 1,000 PLN for upgrading home-office equipment. You can buy whatever you need to upgrade your home office, create a safe working environment, and work the way you like. For example, you can buy a comfy chair, a pair of good quality headphones, or a wrist rest – it’s up to you to decide what you need.

We’re building work environments in which we feel good – supported and safe. Because of our awareness of other people’s needs, of information exchange through the internet, we can practice more empathy.

Jankowski Mateusz 1-1-1

Mateusz Jankowski

UI Lead

When you feel like seeing your colleagues’ faces live, you can always come by our office in Poznań or Warsaw and work from there. In other cities, we’re slowly introducing a new initiative called community hubs. They’re informal office spaces where employees can meet up and work together. So far, we’ve opened community hubs in Kraków and Białystok.

Modern life is busy, so to help you deal with all of your professional and personal responsibilities, we offer you flexible hours. Whether you need a middle-of-the-day break to collect your child from school, or simply prefer working in the evening, we’ll make sure you get to do so comfortably.

Reason 2: Teamwork over distance

You might worry that working remotely or in teams scattered across the country (or sometimes countries!) means feeling lonely in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be the case. We put effort into maintaining a happy, friendly atmosphere within the team by organizing online and offline team hangouts, conferences, and other initiatives that bind us together.

Even though we’re separated into teams and departments, we all work towards common goals that the whole company sets together each year. The goals often require collaboration between different teams and departments, so each and every employee contributes to our overall growth.

Working in a company as big as Netguru, it’s impossible to get to know everyone. However, we’ve found a way for you to meet people from other teams you normally wouldn’t have a chance to meet. Every week, a special bot on Slack called Donut will connect you with a random person and encourage you to meet up with them for a casual chat.

When you get tired of the city rush, you can enjoy one of our workation hubs. We’ve recently opened two remote venues in quiet locations surrounded by nature where you can work and relax together with your colleagues. There’s nothing like having a bonfire with your team after work, is there?

Reason 3: Tools and equipment

You don’t have to worry about your work gear, Netguru will provide you with high-quality hardware appropriate for your job description, like MacBook Pro laptops, and the newest iPhone for each iOS developer.

If you want, you’ll also get peripheral devices such as monitors, mice, and keyboards – just ask! Our IT Operations crew will make sure you have everything you need to make a comfortable workstation.

Effective work also depends on the quality of the tools you use. Our toolset has been chosen and approved by the team, and we welcome suggestions on how to improve it further. For daily work on projects, some of the tools we use are:

  • JIRA and Monday for project tracking
  • Slack, Zoom, Hopin, and Google Meet for remote communication
  • CircleCI, Rollbar, Codebeat, and GitHub for development work
  • Figma, Sketch, Principle, and InVision for Product Design work

Reason 4: Knowledge sharing

We believe that each member of our team brings something unique to the company. This includes their experience, professional skills, familiarity with particular tools, and the passions and interests they are willing to share with others. That’s why we invest heavily in knowledge sharing, through both external and internal initiatives.

Every department and area organizes internal workshops and webinars where team members can talk about topics interesting to them and share their latest discoveries. For example, everyone interested in agile software development can join meetings of the Agile Community of Practice, the Frontend Team meets every two weeks for Frontend Coffee Break to discuss topics related to frontend technologies, and product management enthusiasts can’t miss weekly meetings called the Dojo.

Why is Netguru way different? Because they care, it’s as simple as that. I knew where I was heading from the very first day of my recruitment process. My first weeks at Netguru were no different – the onboarding process went smooth and I felt at home. I was even assigned a dedicated mentor whose role was to support me throughout my first weeks.

Adrian 1 kk

Adrian Kamiński

Project Manager

One of our favorite knowledge-sharing initiatives is Burning Minds – an annual conference where we invite both our employees and external guests as speakers. It’s our internal event, but our commitment to knowledge-sharing culture also spreads outside Netguru, so we stream the presentations online and encourage everyone to join and learn with us.

We also make sure to support every new employee from their first moments at Netguru. We organize internal mentorships and continue perfecting our onboarding process for new employees so that those who want to learn receive as much support as possible.

Reason 5: Support for your growth

It doesn’t matter if you want to work dressed as a unicorn, work while petting your dog, or if your secret dream is to make a career shift from being a QA Specialist to building products as a Product Designer – Netguru will support your choices.

When you find something new that you’re passionate about, talk to us. We’ll help you figure out what your next step is toward your dream career. For example, after three years of working as a QA Specialist, Bartosz made a switch in his career and became a Ruby on Rails developer. You can read his story on your blog.

We focus on clients first, but we know that to deliver great value, we need to find the right motivation. Thus, we enable people to find their own paths in many initiatives that will develop their careers according to their personal goals and ambition.

bartosz bialek photo

Bartosz Białek

Product Design Manager and Department Leader

Reason 6: Benefits that suit your needs

Have we already told you that we love flexibility? That is why we’ve provided access to the Worksmile platform that offers benefits adapted to your preferences. You can choose from 15 categories such as shopping, leisure, travel, and food. It’s your choice whether you want to have a multisport card, private health insurance package, life insurance, or Zalando vouchers.

But it's not just about your material needs – your health and well-being are also important to us. To help you relax after work, we organize yoga classes that you can join either in the office or online. If you find yourself in need of professional help, we provide access to Mindgram, a mental health platform that connects individuals with mental health specialists.

Reason 7: Work with a good impact

What motivates us is the knowledge that our work makes a difference. We commit to using business as a force for good and we’ve received the B Corporation certificate that proves that our business activities have a positive impact on society and the environment. But we don’t stop at just that – our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2022.

Between the work for our clients, we find time for various pro bono projects, and we’re also co-founders of Tech To The Rescue – an organization that connects tech companies with NGOs. One of its latest initiatives was called #TechForUkraine.

I value Netguru not only for the ability to work with a top-notch team on challenging projects, but the company’s unique stance on sustainability and social responsibility. As a certified B Corporation, we’re making a real impact, and I’m proud to be part of it.

Daria Michalska

Daria Michalska

Lead Product Designer and Team Leader

Reason 8: Inclusive workplace

It’s our ambition to create a workplace that’s inclusive of everyone. We want you to feel good at Netguru and to be the kind of company you can be proud of.

We pay attention to gender diversity. To do that, we’ve developed a diversity dashboard to monitor the gender balance in the whole company, both in top management and engineering teams. We’re proud to say that the gender balance in the Core Team has increased and now equals 50%, and the overall representation of women at Netguru is 34%, which is higher than average in the IT industry.

To make sure that nobody suffers from a pay gap, whether because of their gender or other reasons, we commit to salary range transparency. During our yearly salary reviews, we take everyone under consideration, including people who are on maternity or paternity leave.

Reason 9: Transparency

We talk a lot about transparency because it’s one of the core values of our working culture. But what does transparency mean to us exactly?

It means that you know a lot about us from the get-go. Before you apply for a job at Netguru, you can check your pay grade in the career paths on our website. Once you start work here, you can ask us about anything. We really believe that there are no stupid questions.

You can learn more about Netguru's current affairs in a variety of ways. All departments share news and updates on our knowledge exchange platform to keep everyone in the loop about upcoming changes and issues. We regularly run AMA (ask me anything) sessions with the CEO and the rest of the Core Team, where everybody can submit questions. If you’re interested in how we're faring as a company and the challenges we're facing, the CEO also writes company-wide updates where you can read all about it.

Working in an inclusive environment that allows you to grow makes all the difference. And knowing that the company has great values and is not afraid to stand up for them makes me feel very proud of the culture we created.

Marta Grzesiak

Marta Grzesiak

Quality Assurance Engineer

After some time in Netguru, you might have ideas about what we should do to become an even better workplace. You can share them with us in the employee surveys we regularly run. After every survey, we announce the results together with action points we want to take based on employee inputs and a summary of activities taken since the previous survey.

Are you convinced?

We hope one or more of these nine reasons will help to convince you to give Netguru a try. To learn more about the recruitment process, check out our guide for tech and non-tech candidates or the recruitment infopack for developers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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