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Netguru is proud to announce another exciting project for Transterra Media. We redesigned and improved the TTM buyer experience and developed a completely new mobile iOS app for Transterra Media contributors.
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Announcing: Transterra Media iOS App

At Netguru, we’re proud to announce that our latest iOS project — the Transterra Media mobile app — is now available for download. With the help of this application, Transterra Media contributors can use their iOS devices to upload media content to the Transterra Media online news marketplace and accept assignments from news publishers around the world.
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Today there's a substantial number of people working at Netguru, especially at the HQ, in Poznań. Together with the Netguru iOS team we have addressed the problem of quick and easy room reservations for calls and meetings. We developed the Roomguru app for managing your meetings in Google calendars. And it’s open source!
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Should startups build new iOS MVP projects in Objective-C or Apple's new language, Swift? When trying to answer this question, it’s helpful to understand a little bit about the history of Objective-C and Swift.
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