Never miss a call from your client or prospect.

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  • Phone call

    Track incoming calls on Slack

    Don’t miss out on business opportunities!

  • Group of people

    Anyone can answer the call

    No need for phone land line!

  • Computer settings symbol

    Easy setup

    A few steps and it’s ready to use!

  • Electric cable icon

    Open source

    Hop on and develop with us!

Download Callio from Github Download from Github

How does it work?

  • 01

    Someone calls you on Twilio number

    Picture of a phone Yes, you can use any phone!

    Picture of a phone
  • 02

    Slack sends notification about an incoming call

    Picture of a music note Did you hear that sound?

    Picture of Slack notification
  • 03

    You click on the link and answer the call

    Picture of a money Now it’s your turn to cut a deal

    Picture of Slack conversation
  • 04

    After the call Slack notifies that the line is free to use

    Picture of a guy in glasses All calls are recorded and saved in the history

    Picture of Slack notification
Callio by Netguru - never miss a call from your client or prospect