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E-health on the rise: patient management apps examined

The healthcare sector is facing the need for an irreversible change, and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients want their healthcare providers to become all-in-one personal assistants, who allow them to check their benefits, book appointments, recommend personalized treatments, and more.

E-health disruptors are on the way to reshape healthcare with mobile connectivity, machine learning, and other technologies that help meet the growing demands of millennials and younger generations. Our report investigates the state of digital healthcare with particular focus on health management apps.

Patient management apps at the peak of healthcare challenges

During the lockdown, patients got used to chatbots, online prescriptions, video conferencing, and other digital conveniences in healthcare.
  • Patients force digital transformation

    Users are expecting convenient and hassle-free healthcare services. 29% of US respondents have used some form of virtual care already.

  • The AI market in e-health is expanding

    AI solutions are an effective way for patient management app creators to win millions of loyal users. Until 2022, the market for AI in healthcare is prognosed to reach over $6 billion.

  • Millennial patients trigger the change

    Millennials and younger patients are the least satisfied with medical care, mentioning poor responsiveness and limitations in communication channels as important issues.

  • Data security is the main non-medical concern

    When it comes to medical device security, 39% of surveyed security leaders in healthcare organizations point to patient safety as their primary concern.

Let’s work together
Before we start implementing patient management platforms, we have to consider four different aspects. The first is the legislation process (...). Second, data protection.

Third, visual aspects - each platform has to be really intuitive. Last but not least - convincing conservative medical professionals to use these platforms.
Michal sosinski photo

Michał Sosiński

CEO of Soma Healthcare

Patient management apps: report insights

  • Top global causes of death include diseases that can be prevented with regular medical checkups and healthy habits. Healthcare apps help introduce best practices into users’ lives by education and easier access to healthcare.
  • The number of active connections in healthcare in the EU is expected to rise to 10.34 million by 2025.
  • Patients are more and more aware of the benefits brought by digital transformation in healthcare. 69% of college-aged respondents would welcome AI in their medical treatments.
  • IoT has become an inseparable part of today’s healthcare. In 2018, the consumer electronics healthcare app market was worth $45B and should rise by $30B in 2021.

Netguru in numbers

  • $6B

    AI healthcare market worth by 2022

  • $30B

    IoT healthcare app market worth by 2021

  • 85 years

    Global life expectancy for women by 2030

  • 10.34M

    Active connections in healthcare in the EU by 2025

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