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Where to Go: Best Design Events of 2016

New year, new budget. I put together a subjective list of UX events: conferences, barcamps and local holidays held in the US, Europe and Israel you might want to pencil in your calendars. Some of them are paid, some (virtually) free. I’ve already visited a few of them, while others are still on my to do list. However, I believe each of them will bring something new to your skillset.



Whenever I hear Eric Reiss is going to be a speaker I know the conference will rock! If you combine his presence with a workshop from Vitaly Friedman, you bet your life your money will be well spent. Good to see a Polish accent here – Maciej Plonka from Edisonda will be giving a talk about changing corporation standards with UX.

Interaction 2016 (Ixda event)

Interaction – IXDA official conference – this time held in Helsinki. 6 keynotes, over 100 speakers and 12 workshops spanning over four days. I love the idea of combining long talks (45 minutes + Q&A) with shorter ones (20 mins + Q&A) plus a selection of lightning talks (10 mins). It’s like a crossbreeding a conference with a barcamp! Isn’t this program just awesome?


So yeah, you say Mike Monteiro author of ‘Design is a job’ will be a key speaker? Count me in for 2 days of presentations and workshops. Also be sure to read the fine print.


The biggest UX conference in central Europe. 16 lectures, 8 all-day workshops, 4 days of inspiration and practical knowledge. This time the focus is aimed fairly and squarely on responsibility in design. I’ve been there twice, and no regrets. Also – the venue itself is always so special!


I really like the idea of streaming a 3 day conference into 3 different paths. Each day has it’s own main theme: design strategy, product design and design practice. Not interested in everything? Just buy a one-day ticket!


I need to be frank with you here. Is there anything better than a few days of sunshine when the weather in Poland isn’t exactly bringing you out in a tan? As the organisers say – 4 days of training and inspiration for UX Pros – 2 full-day and 16 half-day workshops to hone up your skills including 11 inspiring talks from thought leaders in the field.

Talk UX

The only conference in the USA but I really like initiatives like this one. Talk UX is hosted by Ladies that UX - an organization built to promote the work of women in UX.

Barcamps - (almost) free events

I’ve also selected 3 barcamps. I love the formula where everyone is a speaker! You can learn from your peers and colleagues. They usually share great case studies from their projects or problems they recently managed to solve. Lots of practical knowledge to share here.

UX Camp Dublin

This one comes top of my list simply because I’ve never been to Dublin before and haven’t met anyone from the Irish UX scene. Definitely looking forward to this one!

UX Camp Berlin

We’ve been there twice and we just can’t recommend it enough. You can read about our 2 previous trips to Berlin here: UX, Guitars and Fun: Impressions from UXCamp Europe 2015 and here: Tips & tricks from @UxCampEurope #uxce13 #awesome #Berlin #weekend #ux. 

Product Camp

Although I haven’t found any confirmed info yet I believe the organisers will continue with the series this year. Product Camp (previously UX Camp) has proved to be a great event. With lots of talks from experts in the Polish UX scene who usually don’t speak at big conferences.  

We’ve been there twice, read more here: UX, Gdańsk and Tequilas - what could go wrong? Nothing! and here: You Can Still UX in the Dark: UXcamp 2015 Recap.

UX Holidays

It’s also worth mentioning two UX holidays:

World Information Architecture Day (February 20th). Unfortunately, no Polish events have been annonced yet. You can find a complete list of cities here:

The second is World Usability Day celebrated in November around the world and in a few Polish cities like Warsaw, the Tri-City , Katowice and Kraków. Unfortunately, the dates of the Polish events are not confirmed yet. Read our recap from the previous event: Why You Should Attend World IA Day and find the one closest to you.   

Want some more? Visit! If you see me attending any of these don’t hesitate to say hi or ping me on Twitter – I’d love to chat about new UX methods or theories.

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