39 Must-Subscribe Newsletters for Developers and Designers

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Jun 30, 2015 • 7 min read

If you could buy time in bulk, you probably would. Well, here's a fast way to do just that.

Take a look at the top picks in newsletters for: web and mobile development, front-end development and web design. Grab a few and give them a try!

Do you have some time? Of course you don't - you're a developer. Often, finding time in the tightly crunched release schedule is hard. If you could buy time in bulk, you probably would. Well, here's a fast way to do just that. Reading about the latest news and shortcuts will help you carve out some extra time when you need it most (and you don't even have to pay for it).

The problem with newsletters in the web development world is the embarrassment of riches. There's too many to sort through and there's no time to waste. That's why you need this list of the bare essentials that deliver news, shortcuts, tutorials and previews of future tech. Take a look at the top picks in five areas of web and mobile development world. Grab a few and give them a try!

News for Devs

The audience for these feeds includes app entrepreneurs and staff developers in larger corporations. These newsletters include a wide range of general business practices, including collaboration, business culture and budgeting, as they relate to developers.

Front End

If your job is to make it look good while back-end developers handle the nuts and bolts, you're going to need some expert advice. Sign up to get emails from these publishers to get weekly quick intros to new tools, code demos, how-to videos and successful case studies.

Web Design

These newsletters cover everything from high-level UX best practices down to ready-made buttons for beginners at web design. Find out what's in vogue now and fill your toolbox with motivational design elements.

Mobile Development

Do you consider yourself primarily an iOS developer or and Android developer? Are you bi-mobile? These newsletters are designed to give you a heads up about whatever's coming next before it's too late.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Check out these newsletters to explore the perspectives from Ruby and Rails camp. Learn to avoid common mistakes in your arrays, strings and hashes from those who have already been there.

Take Time to Make Time

Now you know how other gurus are doing more in less time. Sure, it takes time to read, but staying on top of web development will put you ahead where it counts. Instead of skipping across various websites for web and mobile development articles, (and, be honest, getting distracted) these high-quality newsletters keep your focus on the work ahead. Articles are condensed for easily scannable, with advice on topic you may not have considered. Set aside R&D time for your own skill set and you'll start the week two steps ahead. Are there any of your beloved newsletters that we missed? Let us know in a comment!

So far, we've posted a few more articles with resources for web and mobile developers - check out these directories for Ruby on Rails, iOS, AngularJS or Ember.js.

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