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Product Designer

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About this job

We are focused on solving problems and making life easier for users. As a Product Designer, your role will be to turn clients’ ideas into great user-friendly products. We know that design is a process and we believe in continuous improvement.

Technologies & Tools we use


Product Designers use mainly their skills, knowledge and imagination to create products, but we have some tools that make Product Desingers’ life at our company easier:

  • Invision as a Version Control System,
  • Sketch or Adobe CC to perform graphic design,
  • Paper and pencil or Sketch to create Wireframes,
  • Sketch or Photoshop to create mockups,
  • Invision, Principle, Framer to create Prototypes
  • Slack to communicate
  • Jira as an Issue Tracking Tool
  • ..but remember that you have freedom to choose tools.
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Potential tasks

You will be responsible for the product vision from the global level (does this feature make sense for where we want to be in 6 months?) to the execution level (how does the styling this particular button impact how the user flows through this function). Your primary task will be to create clean, effective, UI/UX-driven web and mobile interfaces and to ensure high-quality results. You’ll be part of a team that consists of backend developers, Front-end and Back-end Developers, a Quality Assurance Specialist and a Project Manager. You will advise clients to help them achieve their goals and build the best possible products.
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