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Insecure Direct Object Reference, or IDOR,is an error in the business logic of an application. This category of bugs is very hard to discover during static code analysis or code review. They can’t be mitigated with any kind of additional “magical” security appliance such as next generation firewalls or web application firewalls. This is a business logic error, made in the design or implementation phase. A webapp with an IDOR makes it possible for any user to access other users' data.
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Serverless topic is becoming more and more hot these days. The idea behind this architecture style is that a large part of the headaches related to the server’s operational responsibilities can be delegated to a 3d-party provider, so that developers can focus entirely on writing code aligned with the business goal the application serves.
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Data normalization is useful when app state is getting too big, has deeply nested information and difficult to use. When normalizing data we need to follow few rules:
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