Mobile Security Review – See If You Protect Your Users Data

Unprotected mobile application poses a real threat to the entire system and sensitive data.

There are many ways to sort out security issues. But ensuring mobile protection is not an easy process, especially when you have to identify a threat in a given app and define its security level yourself. 

Seeing that mobile security is very often neglected and having the knowledge and experience required to address this problem, our team at Netguru came up with a solution. We created the Mobile Security Review - a full-scale analysis of a mobile app’s security.

Fill out the form to learn whether you app might be vulnerable to data leaks. We'll get back to you with a feedback and recommendations what to do to make your app secure.

Five-step Mobile Security Review process:


  • Project review to better understand the code, structure, and purpose of the application.
  • A list of the application’s elements responsible for introducing risk to the project.
  • The security features that should be implemented for all the risky elements.
  • If needed, a rescue plan creation - the list of security actions which should be implemented.
  • A report defining the security level of your product and suggestions how to ensure it in the future.

Get Your App Tested with a Mobile Security Review