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Custom Mobile App Development Process

Building a custom Android, iOS, or cross-platform app at Netguru comes with the guarantee of a thorough development process, complete with quality assurance. We help our clients choose the best technology for the job, and we offer advice on which platform to focus on. We use hybrid and multi-platform technologies, including React Native, and we build Progressive Web Apps that deliver a beautiful mobile experience.

Building a custom Android, iOS, or cross-platform app at Netguru comes with the guarantee of a thorough development process, complete with quality assurance. We help our clients choose the best technology for the job, and we offer advice on which platform to focus on. We use hybrid and multi-platform technologies, including React Native, and we build Progressive Web Apps that deliver a beautiful mobile experience.

Businesses of all sizes have come to recognise the importance of the mobile market. More and more users prefer to interact with the online world via their phones or tablets, rather than desktop computers. They do so from home, work, school, and between various tasks throughout the day. Because of the popularity of the mobile experience, and because of users’ rising expectations, modern companies rely on custom mobile application development to reach a wider audience and build better relationships with customers.

What is a custom mobile application

The world of mobile app development is growing larger by the hour. Companies all over the world invest in custom iPhone apps or build beautiful mobile experiences for Android devices. These custom apps can be designed and engineered to fully support a particular business process, appeal to specific audiences, or take advantage of certain technologies. Wearables and virtual personal assistants accompany users everywhere, creating new opportunities for interacting with customers.

Custom-made apps have the advantage of suiting the’ exact needs of a business. They can provide a better presentation of products, e.g. through 3D interactive models, or take advantage of GPS data to offer better recommendations. They are built with security in mind, which means it’s safe to process company data through them, making these tailored apps fantastic tools for employees in the field. They can be used on premises, too, to make processes like packaging and distribution more efficient. There’s an infinite number of possible uses for custom mobile applications, and all of them good for business. It’s no wonder so many companies are using this opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

Native app development

Native apps are the ones developed for a single platform – usually either Android or iOS. According to data from 2018, Android has over 80% of the mobile market in terms of number of sales to end users. But a comparison of their revenues shows a different story, with Apple’s App Store grossing almost twice the amount as the Google Play Store in revenue. This goes to show that developing native apps for both platforms has clear advantages. The choice between them is often influenced by the target market: Android is the mobile OS of choice in many developing countries, as well as such potent markets as Germany and India. iOS, on the other hand, attracts many users from countries like the US and the UK.

But what does it mean to develop a custom native mobile app? Aside from choosing the right platform, the focus of mobile development is on delivering a smooth and satisfying experience to users. We often interact with mobile apps in context, which means that they often need to fit seamlessly into the ups and downs of daily life. Mobile apps need to be fast and easy to navigate. Clear designs help users get the most out of the experience in the short amount of time they might have to complete it, while a good and sustainable architecture allows them to enjoy the app’s features fully.

The full suite of native features, which include GPS, as well as access to the device’s camera and movement detector, are one of the main benefits of native development. For projects that rely on these features, building a fully functional mobile app may be the only way forward. This includes projects with a particular focus on efficiency and security. The main challenges in developing such custom business applications are the need to craft app designs for multiple devices, and, sometimes, the additional effort required to develop and maintain more than one application.

Cross-platform mobile app development

It’s possible to avoid choosing between platforms and build a hybrid or cross-platform application. These cost-effective apps can share a single codebase between versions for iOS, Android and the web. It’s a great approach for businesses building custom applications that don’t rely heavily on native features. Not only does it shorten development time, but it also makes the app easier to maintain and update. Challenges of cross-platform development include making sure the app’s designs deliver a smooth, consistent experience across devices, and choosing the right technology to fit the project’s needs. React Native is among our favourite options at Netguru.


It’s also possible to build a Progressive Web App, which, as the name suggests, is a type of web application – one that delivers a satisfying, native-like experience to mobile users. PWAs use modern web APIs to do their magic as they run in the user’s browser. They offer features such as custom splash screens, home screen icons, push notifications and limited offline functionality. They are often a fantastic choice when the target audience includes users with older devices or a weaker internet connection, as they are fast and efficient but require no download or installation.

Enterprise mobile app development

Enterprise applications set the bar high through their sheer scale. As they need to support the business processes of large companies, these apps must be highly efficient, well-designed, and secure. At Netguru, we make sure that your custom mobile application is built through a tried and true development process, which includes business consultations, architecture design, a thorough quality assurance procedure, and maintenance. Our apps help clients from everywhere in the world reach their business goals: improve conversion, boost sales, increase efficiency, lower costs, and more.

Exceptional design and user experience

Custom application development services include making sure that the apps we build will delight users. Netguru’s team of experienced Product Designers are wholeheartedly committed to delivering true value through designs that are both stunning and extremely user-friendly. We use proven internal processes, such as regular feedback sessions, to make sure we always have our clients’ business goals in mind, and we use our long commercial experience to offer additional value through know-how and business consultations. We also take advantage of workshops and other collaboration tools to truly understand each project, and to find what will make it great.

Reliable development, integrations, quality assurance and monitoring

Netguru’s mobile development experts use cutting-edge technologies and follow contemporary trends to make sure we’re always up-to-date in terms of modern architecture design and security measures. We’re careful in choosing the best tools for every project, keeping in mind maintainability, scalability, efficiency and security. We use internal quality assurance teams and thorough testing processes to make sure our clients feel safe using the software we build. In a world undergoing a digital transformation, staying on top of security is a must.

Why custom app development?

Developing a custom mobile application can bring many benefits to a business. These apps can reach the heights of technological advancement, and improve the efficiency of internal processes by following exact and specific requirements. They can be built to be highly scalable, which makes the capable of supporting sudden spikes in traffic or a rapidly growing user base. Their level of security can be adjusted to fit the sensitive data users might interact with. Finally, custom apps can be integrated with the software that’s already in use at your company. This has the obvious benefit of not causing a major disruption in internal processes. As long as they are built with best development practices in mind, custom mobile apps can be easy to maintain and update with new features in the future.

Driving digital transformation through custom apps

Modern businesses compete with each other on many levels, and one of them is process efficiency. The main tool at their disposal is digitisation: introducing automation and software tools to help employees work more quickly, reach wider audiences and deliver a better experience to users. Customer relationships can be improved by a personalised mobile experience. New data can be collected, including location data and user habits. Apps used by employees in the field provide real-time access to crucial project information, making their users efficient and independent regardless of their location. Managing resources becomes easier thanks to custom apps, and new metrics can be used to improve core processes.

There’s no way of avoiding the digital transformation. Companies from a wide range of sectors are using the power of custom mobile applications to gain competitive advantage and deliver unique value to users. At Netguru, we’ve worked with clients from banking, healthcare, robotics, agriculture, tourism, fashion, and a number of other industries. Each project was different and exciting. We can’t wait to see where the next one takes us.

The smarter way to build custom enterprise apps

The development process for custom enterprise apps should always involve a learning period, for the development team to truly understand what the client’s business is all about, and to feel the client’s passion for the project. At Netguru, we offer consultations along with UX review workshops that let us become even more involved in setting the requirements for each project. Our expertise includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and big data. We want to be partners and consultants for our clients – always there to offer advice and help answer questions. We believe in constantly striving to exceed expectations. perhaps we can help you take your project beyond yours?

Learn more from our mobile developers

Netguru mobile developers and consultants are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. They can advise you on the important aspects when you look for an experienced custom mobile application development company. Check out our knowledge base about mobile development.

Industries we excel at

Our clients are businesses of different types and sizes. We developed projects for companies in a range of industries: finance, media, healthcare, education, government, real estate/property, social media, travel/transport, e-business, e-commerce, to name a few.

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Trust is a foundation for great products

Our clients often cooperate with us for many years, launching various products. It's because we always strive to become trusted technological partners who care to provide more than just software development expertise. Thanks to that, we work as an extension of our clients’ teams rather than an outsourcing agency.

What I appreciate in working with Netguru: that you take the ownership, you're experienced, and that we can rely on you.

Peter Grosskopf
CTO, solarisBank

Netguru has been the best agency we've worked with so far. Your team understands Kelle and is able to design new skills, features, and interactions within our model.

Adi Pavlovic
Director of Innovation, Keller Williams

Let me put it this way: we have built a grand and impressive building. But without Netguru’s insights, we would be stuck on the ground-floor forever.

Artur Kryzan
Team Leader and CX Manager, Volkswagen

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