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How We Went From A Team Of 50 To 100 In A Year

At the beginning of 2014. Netguru was already a big crew, consisting of 50 people based in 2 offices (Poznań and Warsaw) and those working remotely. Today we are a team of 100 based in 8 offices and remote locations around the globe. How we went from a team of 50 to 100 in a year?

Let’s go back to the beginning of 2014. Netguru was already a big crew, consisting of 50 people based in 2 offices (Poznań and Warsaw) and those working remotely. But we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. We’re dreamed of doubling our team and having 100 people on board by the end of the year. We weren’t even sure if it was possible in our market, like many companies in our industry might say. But we did it, and today we are a team of 100 based in 8 offices and remote locations around the globe. Our team is spread all over the world, with Piotrek in Italy, Ania in Germany, Brian in Ireland, Kasia in Brazil, etc.

If you’re wondering how we grew that big within the year, just read on.


That's a photo from our team retreat in the mid 2013.


Photo by Anna Anks Nowak.

and a snippet from the latest one. You see the difference :)

Fine feathers make fine birds

It’s great if a company has principles and values, but is better if the company puts those values into action in daily life. That is why we are totally transparent and publish the salaries and our career paths. We assumed that if candidates join our recruitment process, they should know what they can expect from us. But it’s not just about the salary. We show our workflow, tools we use, and even give tips on how to ace our recruitment process. All this information you can find on our blog so we want to be closer and clearer to our prospective candidates. That’s how we show and practise our transparency as a one of netguru’s core values.

Be visible, they said. So we are.

We pay a lot of attention to promise only what we can deliver. That’s why our job offers consist not only of requirements, but culture description, salary and benefits. Today, our candidates may value the xbox or foosball table, or the opportunity to work remotely, or maybe co-financed trips for international conferences or equipment. Once we prepare such an offer, than we are ready to advertise it. Where? That’s a tricky question. For sure we use the Ruby on Rails forum, our dedicated group on facebook, direct messages and also Stack Overflow recently. Ok, that’s are online tricks, but we’re also present offline. We easily can be found on the best IT job fairs in the country. That’s the great opportunity to talk speak with developers in person and encourage them to applying for a job.

Workshops work. Why?

Once we organized our first workshops in June 2013, we knew that this is something people like and need. We also discovered among our developers talent for teaching. Ruby as a programming language is not widely available in Universities, so we needed to develop our way to find people with great potential and willingness to learn. As a result, we invite our workshoppers to join our intern or juniorship program. We started with workshops once every two or three months in Poznań, but then we realized that we should go further and started to organize them in different cities around Poland every month. Since June 2013, our workshops brought together over 100 people, of whom we hired 25 interns and juniors, and 22 are with still with us now, mostly as developers (btw. next ones are taking place in January, you can sign up for more info at

Candidates don’t want to wait long for an answer. Be fast and strict.

Each month more and more applications are sent to our HR department. As a response, we’ve simplified our recruitment process for developers into 2 interviews:

  • 15 minute introduction interview and 45 minutes of pair programming
  • a 30 minute interview with one of our co-founders

Knowing that our candidates have different offers, we always try to work fast. That’s why we give feedback (positive or negative) to each candidate within a couple of hours after meeting. In some cases, the entire process from sending us the application to being hired can take as little as two or three days. During each interview, we always give candidates a chance to ask us a question!

In the passing year 2014 we had 135 interviews with developers. All in all, we are proud of our awesome team at netguru, and we’re looking to grow even more in the future, making 2015 the best year yet!

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