Track GitHub contributions of any organisation you want

With GitItBack you can follow all public contributions within a company and compare it with others. Everything in one friendly dashboard.
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Check out how your organisation stacks up against competitors

  • Reliability

    Unique data

    Get information that is not available anywhere else. This data is accessible only through GitHub API. We wrapped the existing data source so that you can view it on a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Flexibility


    Thanks to the non-blocking I/O model in Node.js that we used in development, you can smoothly swap organisations and compare their contributions.y

  • Transparency


    You can access public contributions of any company you want and then spot the most active developers within the organisation.

All in one place

Keep track of GitHub contributions

Stay up-to-date with detailed information regarding public contributions from the past week, including opened issues, PRs, and commits. All data will be displayed as a beautiful graph showing the intensity of contributions.

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Picture of contribution counts to open source
Picture of contribution counts to open source
Easy navigation

Manage different organisations in one platform

Switch organisations with ease and have a peek at your competitors or companies you’re aspiring to match. See how Facebook stacks up against Google and check if Netflix developers keep up.

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Get recognized

Show others you are an active contributor

Add a hint of competition to your organisation. Make it to the top of the ranking as the most active contributor. Show others how your contributions can help both the company and the community.

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GitItBack - Track GitHub Contributions of Any Organisation You Want